Family & Friends Cruise

Quick Details

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Days available: Saturdays
  • Start time: 10 a.m.

Family & Friends Cruise in Jupiter, FL

Spend the perfect Saturday with your family and friends on board a PonTiki boat! With all the amenities you need, it’s never been this easy or this fun to enjoy a day out on the water.

  • Our Shaka boat is fully loaded with two satellite TVs,  two lily pads, and a bathroom on board! Fun for all ages!
  • Includes beer, wine, refreshments, sightseeing, and music

What to (and What Not to) Bring Onboard

  • Chevron down Refreshments & Alcohol
  • Every PonTiki cruise is stocked with refreshments, including plenty of water, club soda, sodas, kids juice packs, draft beer, non-alcoholic beer, and wine. Guests are welcome to bring their own refreshments, including beer and wine; however, PonTiki’s alcohol licensing strictly prohibits any hard liquor on the boats. We ask that you don’t bring any hard liquor onboard, as the boat is not able to depart with unlicensed liquor.

  • Chevron down Food & Snacks
  • Food is not provided by PonTiki. However, we have relationships with many catering companies and restaurants in the area that love to provide for our guests, so please ask us about those options. You may bring your own food and snacks. Due to the sometimes windy conditions on the water, and to prevent litter flying off the boat, we ask that you always bring your food and utensils in containers that have lids.

  • Chevron down Coolers
  • Each PonTiki boat has coolers with ice that you may use to store limited amounts of food or refreshments, so while you are allowed to bring your own coolers on board, please know that we do have cooler space available and additional coolers are not necessary.

  • Chevron down Dogs
  • Dogs are welcome on PonTiki under the following circumstances: All dogs must be in a crate while onboard and underway. They may only be allowed out of their crate once PonTiki has reached a sandbar and they are released outside of the boat. No dogs are allowed to roam free on the boat due to both safety and hygiene issues.

  • Chevron down Beach Stuff
  • PonTiki has footballs, frisbees, a golf pitching wedge with foam practice golf balls, and more. You are encouraged to bring towels and sunscreen, though we ask that you refrain from aerosol (spray) sunscreen, as it gets onto everything (including food, couches, walls, and our staff!) when sprayed and generally causes a mess onboard. We thank you for understanding.