• Wait, you can finally take parties of up to 40 ??
  • It’s finally true! With the launch of our all-new boat called Shaka (which means “friendly island spirit”) PonTiki can now easily accommodate your party of up to 40 guests. This means we can now host your birthday, anniversary, reunion, wedding party, company happy hour, holiday party, customer/employee appreciation … get the point?? This boat can do it all, and can be arranged in several different format to meet your needs.

    Are you looking for an unforgettable birthday party for the kids, while the adults truly enjoy themselves as well?

    Do you have a house on the water with a dock, but no boathouse? With our boat tying up outback, your next party can be extended to have your very own private waterfront tiki-bar!

    Has your company been looking for a way to reward top-performing people?

    Are you and your buddies looking for a way to hang with the family on the water, while also watching the game on satellite TVs?

    With only having been on the water a relatively short time as our newest boat, we have already hosted hundreds of guests, with parties of all types. Book online, or call us now to plan your waterfront party aboard Shaka today.

  • What is PonTiki’s Pricing?
  • PonTiki has a fleet of three different boats, two 6-passenger boats and a 40-passenger boat. All pricing is based on our standard rate of $30 per person per hour, which includes beer and wine, however the different sized boats have different minimums.  See below;

    Pricing for Big Bamboo and Charlie (6-passenger boats)

    $180 per hour, up to 6 guests
    Two-hour minimum cruise

    Cruises of 4 hours or more receive 10% off

    For our 6-passenger boats, a deposit of $180 is taken at the time of reservation, remainder to be paid dockside. Gratuity for our hardworking boat crew is customary and always appreciated!

    2 hour cruise x up to 6 guests = $360
    4 hour cruise (10% discount) x up to 6 guests = $648

    Pricing for Shaka (40-passenger boat)

    $480 per hour, up to 16 guests
    Add $30 per person per hour for all guests over the first 16
    Two-hour minimum cruise

    Cruises of 4 hours or more receive 10% off
    Cruise of 30-passengers or more receive 10% off

    For our 40-passenger boat, a deposit of $480 is taken at the time of reservation, remainder to be paid dockside. Gratuity for our hardworking boat crew is customary and always appreciated!

    2 hour cruise x up to 16 guests = $960
    3 hour cruise x 40 guests = $3,600
    4 hour cruise (10% discount) x 25 guests = $2,700

  • Where and how to we board the PonTiki?
  • PonTiki now launches all charters and public cruises from our new location at Harbourside place in Jupiter, Florida. Our address is 200 N US Highway One Jupiter, FL 33477. Please park in one of the two parking garages located at the plaza. The PonTiki check-in counter is located next to the waterfront amphitheater, next to the tiki hut.

    Please see the following map:

    For a timely departure, we ask that all guests arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before their scheduled cruise, and also that all guests review and sign their safety waivers in advance of arrival, which you can by clicking this link. This will save valuable time in boarding and getting underway. If you have signed PonTiki’s safety waiver on a previous cruise, you do not need to sign it again, you simply need to give your name to our guest services team member upon check-in in order to verify you have one on file.

    In order to be served beer and wine, guests must have their valid ID present upon check-in. We are restricted by law from serving any guest without a valid ID.

  • Tell me about PonTiki’s new public cruises!
  • PonTiki is proud to now offer public cruises to the community on a first come, first serve basis. Without requiring a private charter, you can now hop aboard, whether it’s just you and a friend, a group of 7-8, or a party of 30! Tickets go fast when these cruises are announced on our social media and website, so ensure your spot by reserving your tickets online.

    Tickets are $50 per person for the two-hour cruise, and includes beer & wine for adults.

    Daytime public cruises are always kid-friendly, with island music, a waterslide, floating lilly pads, and more. Smoking is prohibited on all daytime public cruises.

    Evening public cruises will often have different themes, so be sure to check them out in advance online.  Some offer live music or open mic night, and others are lined up to coincide with a big sports event or to celebrate a holiday. Come and take in the sights, have a refreshing drink and meet new friends. Evening cruises are 21 years of age and older, and smoking is allowed, as the boat is completely open air.

    See our list of upcoming public cruises here.

  • How do cruises work?
  • Our cruises are private charters that you can rent by the hour. You select the day, the time, and how long you want to enjoy the cruise.

  • What does the cruise include?
  • All cruises include a captain and complimentary beverages. On board we have soda, water, as well as beer and wine for adults that are 21 years of age or older.

  • Are kids allowed on the boat?
  • Kids are certainly welcome on the boat!
    All children under the age of 2 are free.
    Up to (4) children per cruise under the age of 5 are free.

    Example: If there are 20 children on the boat under the age of 5 we will allow 4 children for free, the other 16 will be normal price.

  • Where exactly is Harbourside Place?
  • Harbourside Place is located right after the intersection of US1 and Indiantown Dr. in Jupiter, FL. However, we can pick up guests anywhere in Jupiter or Tequesta, including private residences – for no additional charge. There are some commercial docks that are drop-off only. Anywhere outside of the Jupiter or Tequesta area may require a travel fee.

  • Can we bring our own drinks or food on the boat?
  • Yes, absolutely. You can bring any food or drink that you want, and we even have cold storage if needed.

  • Is there a cancellation policy?
  • Private Charter Cancellation Policy

    PonTiki classifies its private charter cruises as either Standard or Prime-time. Standard cruises are those that sail Monday through Thursday. Prime-time cruises are those that sail on weekends (Friday through Sunday) as well as holidays. Cancellation policies are different depending on the type of cruise.

    For all standard cruises, cancellations made with more than 48 hours notice may receive either a full refund or a credit towards a future cruise. For all cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice, customers will receive a credit towards a future cruise, no refunds will be issued.

    For all prime-time cruises, cancellations made with more than 7 days notice may receive either a full refund, or a credit towards a future cruise. For all cancellations made with less than 7 days notice, customers will receive a credit towards a future cruise, no refunds will be issued.

    Public Cruise Cancellation Policy

    PonTiki public cruises require a minimum of 8 passengers in order to set sail. If a public cruise does not meet this minimum, PonTiki will gladly provide a full refund, or will simply rebook our guests on a future public cruise. Cruise cancellations that occur due to not meeting the minimum passenger count will be determined no later than 4 hours before the scheduled departure. If a cruise is cancelled, all customers will receive a contact from PonTiki no later than 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure, informing them of the cancellation, and providing a full refund or a credit.

    For all public cruises, guest cancellations made with more than 24 hours notice may receive either a full refund, or a credit towards a future public cruise. For all guest cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice, or in the event customers do not show up for the cruise for which they are ticketed, guests will receive a credit towards a future cruise, although no refunds will be issued.

  • Promo Codes Policy: UPDATE!
  • PonTiki has been operating for 8 years on the Jupiter Inlet, and has offered hundreds of promotions and deals in that time.  In 2018, as we welcomed Shaka to our fleet as our newest boat, and since we switched to a new website system, we are taking the time to reset our promotions and advertised special prices in order to offer consistent new promotions moving forward.  Effective now (May 2018), PonTiki will no longer be able to honor promotional discount codes and deals offered prior to January 1st, 2018.  Thank you for your understanding and for your business!
    Please contact us today if you have any questions regarding this policy.
  • What to bring and (What not to bring) on board Pontiki
  • Refreshments & Alcohol
    Every PonTiki cruise is stocked with refreshments, including plenty of water, club soda, sodas, kids juice packs, draft beer, non-alcoholic beer and wine. Guests are welcome to bring their own refreshments, including beer & wine, however PonTiki’s alcohol licensing strictly prohibits any hard liquor on the boats. We ask that guests not bring any hard liquor onboard, as the boat will be unable to depart.

    Food & Snacks
    Food is not provided by PonTiki, however, we have relationships with many catering companies and restaurants in the area that love to provide for our guests, so please ask us about those options. Guests may bring their own food and snacks. Due to the sometimes windy conditions on the water, and to prevent litter flying off the boat, we ask that guests always bring their food and utensils in containers that have lids.

    Each PonTiki boat has coolers with ice that may be used by guests to store limited amounts of food or refreshments, so while guests are allowed to bring their own coolers onboard, please know that we do have cooler space available and additional coolers are not necessary.

    Dogs are welcome on PonTiki under the following circumstances; all dogs must be in a crate while onboard and underway. They may only be allowed out of their crate once PonTiki has reached a sandbar, and they are released outside of the boat. No dogs are allowed to roam free on the boat due to both safety and hygiene issues.

    Beach Stuff
    PonTiki has footballs, frisbees, a golf pitching wedge and foam practice golfballs, and more. Guests are encouraged to bring towels and sunscreen, though we ask that guests refrain from aerosol (spray) sunscreen, as it gets onto everything (including food, couches, walls, and our staff!) when sprayed, and generally causes a mess onboard. We thank our guests for understanding.

    We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to marijuana use, as it remains an illegal substance in the State of Florida. If guests are found to be using marijuana onboard, the cruise is required by the United States Coast Guard to return to port immediately. Any cruises canceled due to guests using marijuana will be charged the full cruise rate, regardless of when it was cancelled due to a violation.